Looking for Problems  
Artist Talk      
VIVO - Reorgranised Organ - 2017 
Wetland Project  
Slow Radio, Web, Choral Composition & Installation Collaborator  with Nature   
Vancouver COOP Radio, Earth Day, 27H Broadcast - 2017 
Interactive New Media Performance 
Photo: Sammy Chien
Concept, Script, Performer, Code for 3D Synthetic Neurological Simulation     
H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, Neural Constellations - 2016 
Ways of Seeing  
Liminally Interactive Audio/Visual Installation 
Photo: Jonathan Dy
Collaborator  with Somia Lucent   
The Bakery Gallery on Franklin - 2016 
Triple Pointed Star  
Ambient Audio Recording Audio Production  with Michael Red, Jeremiah Klein   
New Kanada - NK56 - Ambient Parks Vol. 2 - 2015 
On the Trail  
SlowTV, Locative Media  Walker, Video Streamer, Film Sound  with Danielle Gotell   
Sync3 Festival, Sydney, Australia - 2015 
Self Produced & Broadcast - 2014 
Everyday Needs An Urgent Whistle Blown Into It  
Light & Sound Installation 
Photo: Murray White / Toronoto Star
Generative Composition  with Geoffrey Farmer   
Art Gallery of Ontario - 2014 
Permanent Deviation  
Web Art   Concept Development, Programming  with Julie Gendron   
VIVO Media Arts - 2014 
Heart Throb Heroines  
Interactive Wearable  Maker, Electronic Design, Code  with Hot Jupiter   
Confessions on a Dance Floor,Red Gates, Vancouver - 2014 
Look In My Face...  
Generative Digital Film  Generative Montage Composer, Software Art Maker  with Geoffrey Farmer, Megan Hill-Carrol & Monique Levesque   
Luminato Festival, Trinity Belwood Park, Toronto - 2015 
Vancouver Art Gallery - 2015 
Barbican London - 2013 
Nothing Touches You  
Stereo Audio Composition Composer    Media Arts Collective - Coop Radio 
CD Forthcoming - 2013 
Interactive Wearable    Maker, Electronic Design, Code  with Hot Jupiter   
Confessions on a Dance Floor,Red Gates, Vancouver - 2013 
Drone in D  
Audio Improvisation Player  with Matt O'Donnell & Vancouver Electronic Ensemble  Vancouer New Music 
VCC Atrium - 2012 
We Are With You  
Interactive 3D Animated Sculpture 
Photo: Jonathan Dy
Principle Art Researcher    Commissioned - VIVO Media Arts Centre 
International Symposium of Electronic Art 2015 - 2015 
Light: Illuminating Art and Science Science World, Vancouver - 2014 
VIVO At Large, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver - 2014 
Points of Vision >> Beyond the 2nd Dimension - 2012 
Homage to Daphne Oram  
New Media Performance 
Photo: PrOphecy Sun
  with Aja Rose Bond  Vancouver New Music 
HEAR Festival VNM, Vancouver - 2012 
Elements Set  
New Media Performance 
Photo: Claire Desmarais
VJ  with Julie Gendron  W2 
W2 - Utopia Festival - Show Case, Vancouver - 2012 
forthcoming - 2011 
Let's Make the Water Turn Black  
Photo: Scott Groller
Generative Composition, Audio Composition, Kinetic Sculpture Design  with Geoffrey Farmer  Acquired - Private Collector 
Vancouver Art Gallery - 2015 
PAMM, Miami - 2014 
Kunstverein, Hamburg - 2014 
Nottingham Contemporary - 2013 
Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst - 2013 
Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, L.A. - 2011 
Best Before  
Theatrical New Media Performance  Performance, Script Development & Game Design  with Rimini Protokol  Commissioned - PUSH Festival 
Mexico City - 2010 
Pachuca, Mexico - 2010 
Cork, Ireland - 2010 
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London - 2010 
Brighton Festival, Brighton - 2010 
Berkeley Street Theatre, Toronto - 2010 
Hau, Berlin - 2010 
On The Boards, Seattle - 2010 
Cultch, PUSH Festival, Vancouver - 2009 
Finally the Street becomes the Main Character  
Installation  Generative Light & Sound Composition  with Geoffrey Farmer  Acquired - Art Gallery of Ontario 
Vancouver Art Gallery - 2015 
Time Structures, AGO, Toronto - 2010 
Geoffrey Farmer, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal - 2009 
The Vampire of Coyoacan and His Twenty Achichintles  
Installation Sound Composition  with Geoffrey Farmer  Casey Kaplan Gallery 
Museo El Eco, Mexico City - 2010 
Ongoing Time Stabbed with a Dagger  
Installation  Kinetic & Sound Composition  with Geoffrey Farmer  Catriona Jeffries Gallery 
Art Basel, Miami - 2009 
2055 Clark Drive  
Audio Sonic Composition, Intervention, Performance & Podcast  with Sarah Buchanan  Commissioned VIVO Media Arts Centre 
Intersections, Western Front, Vancouver - 2010 
Heaven's Breath  
Installation  Weather Interactive Installation  with Chris Welsby   
Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey - 2009 
Birds of a Feather  
Dance Improvised Performance  with Dance Troop & Her Jazz Noise Collective   
Woman’s Studies #9, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver - 2009 
Spring Theory  
Interactive Installation  Pure Data Audio Synthesis  with David Grove   
Signal and Noise Festival, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver - 2008 
Elements of High-T  
New Media Performance  Generative Composition, Performer     
World Tea Party, Centre A, Vancouver - 2010 
Elements Festival of Nature in Performance, LULU Arts, Gabriola Island - 2008 
Woman’s Studies #9, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver - 2009 
DIY Soundwalk Generator  
Sound Art, Web Art   with Stephanie Loveless   
Web - 2008 
Noise Improvised Performance  with Her Jazz Noise Collective   
Girl’s Rock Camp, Vancouver - 2010 
Lesbian Art Show, Fontanelle Gallery, Portland, Or - 2009 
Girl’s Rock Camp, Portland, Or - 2009 
Theatre of Cruelty  
Installation Generative Light & Sound Composition  with Geoffrey Farmer  Acquired - National Gallery, Ottawa 
Schwinigan - 2009 
National Gallery, Ottawa - 2008 
Installation Interactive Kinetic Sculpture    Residency - VIVO Media Arts Centre 
Lingua Aqua  
Public Art Outdoor Audio/Video Installation    Commissioned - City of Surrey 
Bear Creek Park, Surrey - 2009 
I am Listening  
Installation  Interactive Sculpture    Commissioned & Acquired - Surrey Art Gallery 
Open Sound, Surrey Art Centre - 2007 
Interactive Sonic Objects Interactive Sound Composition  with Thecla Schiphorst   
Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam - 2007 
Tree Studies  
Installation Interactive Sound Composition  with Chris Welsby   
Gwang-Ju Biennale of Art, Korea - 2006 
Doppler Corridor  
Video     Peoples Choice Award 
eyeTeasers, Video iPod Exhibition, Vancouver - 2006 
Trees In Winter  
Weather Interactive Sound Composition  with Chris Welsby   
Images Festival, Toronto - 2006 
exhale (breath between bodies)  
Interactive Sound Composition  with Thecla Schiphorst   
SIGGRAPH, San Francisco - 2005 
New Media Performance Sound Composition & Performance  with Igor Santizo   
Found Data Object, BLIM, Vancouver - 2003 
Sonic Design Evening, New Forms Festival, Vancouver - 2004 
Ambient Interactive New Media Installation Concept, Code, Generative Composition     
UnDEAF, Rotterdam, Netherlands - 2007 
Signal and Noise, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver - 2004 
Found Data Object, BLIM, Vancouver - 2003 
(Re)design Festival, Sugar and Sugar, Vancouver - 2003 
Interactivity Lab, Simon Fraser University, Surrey - 2003 
Grass, Light & Wood Table/Sculpture  Concept, Design and Electrical Construction     
Prince Takamodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan - 2003 
Flat Work   Data Archeologist / Visual Artist     
Mistigris1015 Art Pack Download - 2015 
Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Concourse Gallery - 1999