fgc.RhythmGen v1.3



This is a Max4Live MIDI Device that generates MIDI patterns with the “Maximally Even” property, also called “Euclidean rhythms”.

This Maximally Evenness is found in the timelines of different musical traditions, including: Rap, Shiko, Gahu, Clave Rumba, Clave Bossa-Nova and Clave Son which are all variations of 16 pluses and 5 onsets. This device allows you to explore the hypothetical other cultural traditions that don’t exist (yet?) as well as the ones that do.

  • Any number of pulses and onsets up to 32
  • All mathematical Variations can be explored, with optimal pattern always available
  • Allows pattern to be rotated
  • Includes demo project.
  • MIDI Learn for External Gear
  • Patterns limited to 1 Bar or Free to form poly meter


Below is sample audio of 3 Patterns Generated with the device. The Low and High Toms and the High Hats are generated, while the kick is a 4×4 underneath for reference.

Midi Notes Generated by Device
  • Ableton Live
  • MacOS or WindowsOS
  • Tested on Ableton 9.7.7 & 10.0.6 with Max 7.3.5

You may try the old Version 1.0  before you buy this new version. This is version 1.3.1 which contains many bug fixes, and extra features such as Fixed and Free to bar modes.


Based on this paper: