We Are With You: Braitenberg

We Are With You: Braitenberg

POV We Are With You - 1 Sheet
VehiclesAn Interactive simulation of Braitenberg “Vehicles” as creatures inside the POV Display. The Vehicles becomes creatures swimming in the display, which becomes a kind of experimental fish tank.

Braintenberg Vehicles are formal structures, devised by neuro-anatomist Valentino Braintenerg, to model the behaviour of a very simple brains. These structures are the basis for his Experiments in Synthetic Psychology, where simple psychological states (Aggression, Cowardliness etc) are seen in these creatures he called Vehicles.




Braitenberg Simulation: Swimming


People Tracking:  Swimming – Coach

Swimming Coach Tracking Setup

The People Tracking is accomplished via a Kinect (max range 4m) and the computer vision objects for MaxMSP and with a little JavaScript glueing ~10people at a time and analyzing their speed and position. The speed and position feeds into the simulation.

Basically it’s blob tracking, with centoids via cv.jit objects the JavaScript to links the history of blobs locations together so that I know who’s who over time. This works great with a Kinect, because it sees height info, which is works to locate people as “tallish/bright blobs”, additionally the background is easy to cull as just the most distant/darkest pixels.

So the MaxMSP Patch tracks audience positions and places them as “lights” into the Braitenberg simulation seen above. [download]


This project was completed for the Points of Vision >> Beyond the 2nd Dimensionon (VIVO Media Arts) show and was funded by the BC Innovations Grant.