The wood cut from Albrecht Dürer’s –The Painter’s Manual (1525), pictured above, stuck in my mind, in particular that fixed point where the painter’s eye hovers above a monumental column.

Those points are scattered along the last 6 centuries of art history are clustered in the skulls of prominent dead Western European men,  whose points of view have come to define the majority of what is called as Visual Art.

I wanted a break.

No doubt these points of frozen Time/Space Views have been blurred, no doubt: In Sculpture, In Audition, In Rhythm, In New Media, we gain some freedom of movement.

Indeed, we were bathed in the equanimity of images and declared: everything is multiple images overlapping and interacting, the mind itself is just another image. Of course our words over took our grasp. I am referring to post modernism.

At least I hoped I could make an image (If I had to) that each audience member truly sees differently. At least my point of view could be multiple and maybe Dürer’s monument tips over.

Black and White Image of A Zoetrope

A Zoetrope, originally a called a Daedalum by inventor William George Horner in 1834, forgotten for over 30 years it re-emerged as the Zoetrope in constructions by William F. Lincoln and M. Bradley. (ref)

Meanwhile Hollywood gave us 3D Cinema. They lied. It is stereoscopic not 3D, that is, it provides 2 points of view, one for each eye. The position of these eyes are still dictated by the Auteur. The child in us gets up and looks behind the screen disappointed.

The zoetrope gave us rhythmic animation. This was initially a 2D animation and in another approach replaced the 2D images with a series of sculptures, the sculputre can move in a limted ways. The apporach presented here can animate any “volume” but is of limited resolution and one cannot move into the 3D space. Speaker of this idea; another import implementation approach is the lumarca which allows one to walk through the display.

But still I admit to the magic of a camp fire entranced me more. A platform or 3D animated sculpture. A sculpture that transform to any shape?

Finally it’s worth noting that the display is some kind of inverted Panopticon, a tannenbaum or BonFire from Guy Fawkes night. These images below bare a striking and disturbing similarity.

Incarceration Panopticon