Display Driver

Display Components
On Left side, 3 compontnents, the Processing Sketch, the Processing Library and a UDP Library, then connected to on the right, the Dive component, and a bash script running it, on the Display.

Figure A: Display Component Block Diagramro

The Dive (code) C Program build on the the BeagleboneIO (code) Library is the POV Display Driver for BeagleBone (Angstrom Linux)

This program continually draw the ROWs and SLICEs of the 3D Persistence of Vision Display to make up a static volume. The volume is then animated by sending new volume to the display.

Note the Library must be  build with raw memory mapped IO for greater speed. This is completed with the following two commands.

cd fgcBeagleboneIO/src
./configure -enable-gpiomem=yes
make install

Once the the above library is install the Dive program itself is build with:

cd dive

The dive code runs with the highest priority with the swimming.sh shell script which should be automatically started on boot.

nice --20 /home/root/dive/dive

A complete Flash Disk Image (741MB) is available too for an 2BG SD Card.

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