VIVO Media Arts Centre

The VIVO Media Arts Centre has graciously shepherded this project from inception, through creation, and woven it into educational and exhibition programming. I’d like to thank Dinka Pignon, Hannah Keba & Emily Smith for the invaluable support in bring this project into the world with me. Thank to Jonathan Dy for is wonderful photos of the display. Igor Anjos, Omid Omidia for their support.

VIVO Media Arts Centre is a non-profit, artist-run organization supporting and responding to the needs of independent media artists and is dedicated to exploring the potential of new technologies in art and examining current technological evolutions in a critical context. VIVO promotes Canadian work in an international context and engages in a cross-cultural exchange of ideas, including creative initiatives.

VIVO Media Arts is  supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, the Province of BC, and the City of Vancouver.

BC Arts Council

This project was supported by the BC Arts Council, Innovations Grant which supports extraordinary commissioning, research, creation, development and/or production costs incurred by BC arts and cultural organizations for projects that demonstrate innovation, experimentation and risk taking. Subsequent support was through a BC ARTS Council Youth Mentorship.

Rob Symmers – Small Machine Shop

Small Machine Shop is Rob’s 600 s.f. custom machine and welding shop.  The equipment includes a 7″ Myford lathe, Tom Senior milling machine, a Prema shaper, OK Lee grinder plus a 200 amp welder and misc. (arbor press, drill press, armature cutter).  The shop offers machining for small parts, welding, up to complete turnkey projects.

Rob Symmers has made and shown his sculptures at the Granville Island Revisions recycled art shows, VIVO signal and noise, and VIVO “BENT” circuit bending festival. Works that he has fabricated for artists include World Court by Judy Rudel, Burrard Bridge Stairwell Project  and Wolfman by Scott Billings and Josh Hite and this project by Brady Marks.

Brady Ciel Marks

Brady Ciel Marks is an artist working in sound, light and interactive sculpture. She is based in Vancouver, Canada and holds an MSc in Interactive Arts, from Simon Fraser University. She hosts a monthly, sound-art radio show and teaches at VIVO Media Arts Centre and at Simon Fraser University and volunteers with The Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. She plays music in the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble and DJs regularly.

Her work is often collaborative, bringing generative and interactive perspectives to the collaborations. Her solo projects are characterized with questioning impending cultural forces, such as surveillance, remediation and technological determinism, allowing the audience to step sideward to view these forces with greater freedom. She works with technology and against technological thinking.

Brady’s work has been presented at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Surrey Art Gallery, National Art Gallery, Dutch Electronic Art Festival and at REDCAT Gallery, Los Angeles.