Cut & Run Posts

The 2 hour show became an elaborate preview of the Circles of Sleep show at the Western Front this upcoming weekend. This is a collection of droning lullabies, extracted from a broad range of genres, starting with Sound Art (Gordon Monahan) and moving through Soundscape Composition (Hildegard Westerkamp), Minimal Electronica (Dalot), Post Rock (Miracle Fortress, […]

An improvisation using field recordings from the winter and autumn of 2010. Most of the sources are from locations whose use is transitory and transformational. The points of transition from pedestrian to passenger, employee to peer. Places of waiting: a sinking dock in Wuikinuxv Lake, a helipad hanging above the Museum FSR, a landing alongside […]

This piece uses field recordings from a particularly strong bout of cabin fever in Port Hardy, British Columbia in the late winter of 2010. Stuck in a motel room during a series of snowstorms, our ungodly loud mini-fridge (likely circa 1834) consistently demonstrated its talent as an uncanny impersonator of diesel engines. The noise of […]

What was intended to be a show of contemporary classical ending up having nothing particularly classical about it. Call it an exercise in serialism.
1) Frederic Rzewski – ‘Coming Together’ – Attica / Coming Together / Les Moutons De Panurge – United States – 1974
Two versions of this piece appear below. The second and more recent version […]

A pair of field-recording based tracks produced by one of your friendly Soundscape radio hosts is available for listening or download at Compost and Height. Both recordings brought to you courtesy of Brian, a horse, and weather.
How Would You Describe Yourself – Vancouver, BC – field recordings and equalizer.
Liquid Spite – Strachan Bay, Broughton […]