Cut & Run Posts

The second release on Bahjaphone by Fannan Mohamed, and livelier than the first. Again, not much to go on here other than the music itself – rhythmic, well-orchestrated Arabic folk verging on raï from (judging by the cover) late 1960s Morocco.
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Other than the odd copy of one of Fannan Mohamed‘s 7″s for sale on eBay or Groove Collector, there is precious little information about this musician around. Even less about Bahjaphone, the French imprint which released this EP. Upbeat, well-recorded raï leaning towards Arabic folk from late 1960s Morocco (?), it is a shame he […]

The cover of this 10″ from 1965 pretty well sums up the material within – elegant, mechanical, capricious, modern. The mobiles of Tinguely brought to aural life. The good people at Continuo have done the legwork for me, so for a bit of history on Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet (as well as more releases) you can […]

The seminal post for Lost & Found is Seth Nehil‘s One Hour As A Rumpled Sheet. I was familiar with musician and visual artist Seth Nehil’s work with JGrzinich for some time prior, but stumbling accross this ‘album’ a few years ago encouraged me to revisit him with a great deal more interest. I say […]

The 2 hour show became an elaborate preview of the Circles of Sleep show at the Western Front this upcoming weekend. This is a collection of droning lullabies, extracted from a broad range of genres, starting with Sound Art (Gordon Monahan) and moving through Soundscape Composition (Hildegard Westerkamp), Minimal Electronica (Dalot), Post Rock (Miracle Fortress, […]