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Somewhat reminiscent of the work found in another Lost And Found post, Hal Rammel’s music is constructed by instruments of his own design. The album in question uses a painter’s palette through which numerous metal rods are pierced. Valuable both as music and as sculpture, you can find more of his designs at his (now […]

Featuring: The Rita, Ears, John Wiese, Funerary Call, Rusalka, Worker, Nurse, Griefer, N.213, Night Mother, Taskmaster, Josh Rose, Dried Up Corpse, Unexamine, Night Tide, hmbkr, Throbbing Continuum of Fuck, The Nausea, Whip Of The UFO, mass marriage, rrkktttss, Psychic Tuberculosis, Masa J Anzai, Nervous Operator, V. Vecker, Spinal Extractor, KXTEEN, Cerebral Anoxia and Justin Trainwreck.
Friday […]

While the name Holy Family sounds generic enough as not to elicit familiarity, its members, John Chantler and Lawrence English, certainly will. Using mostly analogue synthesis, the duo produces two tracks of what would be fairly standard, if pretty, drone were it not for the consistent complement of various sound sources and recordings. The second […]

A cassette I stumbled accross rather blindly, as befitting my recent tendency to purchase albums I have never heard and about which I can find no information, is this one from 1984. As one of the tracks is titled Coast of Dunwich, I am presumptuously assuming that it is British in origin – though it […]

Due to both expiry and hardware issues, a number of the shares here have been unavailable recently. They are being updated this weekend, and new material should be available again soon.
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