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Unlike its by now well-distributed precursors, Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, the third edition does not yet seem to be widely available. Obviously you already have a copy in the mail on its way to you from Sahel Sounds as I type, but I figured I could save you the trouble […]

For those of us among the file-sharing community, the shutdown of Holy Warbles, first indirectly through the seizure of Megaupload’s servers by the FBI, then directly by Blogger, is a hard blow to take. A site full of incredibly rare ethnographic and field recordings built on the idea that the music deserved to be heard […]

Something of a story behind this one. I ordered a copy from a distributor in France a few years back (where the only copies available for purchase were left), only to find the double single-sided LP had two pieces of same vinyl. Asking the distributor if he had somehow misplaced one of the records and […]

The second release on Bahjaphone by Fannan Mohamed, and livelier than the first. Again, not much to go on here other than the music itself – rhythmic, well-orchestrated Arabic folk verging on raï from (judging by the cover) late 1960s Morocco.
Get it here.

Other than the odd copy of one of Fannan Mohamed‘s 7″s for sale on eBay or Groove Collector, there is precious little information about this musician around. Even less about Bahjaphone, the French imprint which released this EP. Upbeat, well-recorded raï leaning towards Arabic folk from late 1960s Morocco (?), it is a shame he […]