Cut & Run Posts

A fairly random very-early-morning/very-late-night purchase of mine led to this discovery: a self-titled and self-released cassette by Anode from 1979. An incredible mix of field recording, tape effects, proto-electro and drone which has baffled me for the last week – mostly because it sounds incredibly contemporary. Sections (like the last 6 minutes of ‘Trips North…’) […]

Tonight’s show: Marginal Music During Japan’s Bubble Economy, 1982-1994.
Featuring the world’s most exciting graphics, guest George Rahi, and a bunch of cassettes. The show’s arc begins prior to Japan’s real estate and asset boom, with contemporary classical pieces that are generally strongly influenced by Western music. By the mid 80s, a new optimism has grasped […]

The latest installment in Greek/Spanish label Antifrost‘s Voice Tapes Series is Julien Ottavi‘s The Cremator Opera (V.01).
I was fortunate enough to attend ErstQuake 2 in New York back in 2005, which included a dramatic performance by Ottavi and Tomas Korber. Dramatic not in musical form, as Ottavi more or less completely dominated the short set […]


A recent (2005) 7″ by Enore Zaffiri which accompanied the Italian magazine Miele and limited to 125 copies. Riverberazioni Sonore collects two contemporary pieces by Zaffiri (two variations of the eponymous track from 1998) and an older document – ‘The Dark Lady’ from 1973. The former pair of tracks are pieces of percussion and tuned […]

My copy of this record has perhaps the most foul-smelling sleeve I have ever had the misfortune of owning. Despite being sealed (which is incredible considering it came from the Ivory Coast in 1980), I could practically smell it when I went onto the porch to grab it from the mailbox. I may well have […]