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Victoria Gibson is integrated media artist whose work is receiving a flurry of attention. Brady Marks talk to her as she prepares for a North American tour.
Track List:

Echos of You Far Away
Condensed History Patterns
Sound Seed

Image from Ocean Networks Canada website
As promised in the Mar 21 show, here are some links and resources about soundmapping. This list is just the tip of a taste — there’s an enormous range of projects out there for further exploration.
For a handy starter survey, take a look at Milena Droumeva’s (2017) article “Soundmapping as […]

Suspended sounds from elongated strings, Filmic Suspense, Minimal Techno Hovering in the Eternal Now, Tonically Unresovled Introductions & Brownian Beats.
Track List:

Ava – Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
The Sunken Gamelan – John Luther Adams / Lilmaq
Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS (#4) – Pauline Oliveros
Introduction – Sean McCann / Music for Public Ensemble
Hebei Victory […]

Introducing our new collective member, Helena Krobath, who revisits her childhood hometown in this episode, ‘Mission Revisited.’ The show proceeds from sharing historical World Soundscape Project (WSP) recordings of Mission from 1973, towards Helena’s electro-acoustic composition exploring the local backwoods recreation areas. Along the way we learn of a number of conceptual frameworks for considering […]