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Adrian Avendano returns to revisit Xavier Bellenger’s contribution to acoustic ecology, music ethnography, popular music and original output.
Track List:

Xavier Bellenger – Jivaros – Ambiance de lagune à la tombée de la nuit
Xavier Bellenger – Ashaninka – Flûtes de pan
Xavier Bellenger – Kenas De Paratia
Xavier Bellenger – Ashaninka – Le rhombe
Xavier Bellenger – Ashaninka – Air […]

Story Vibes Only! For her next few episodes of the Soundscape Show, Helena Krobath shares passages of literature where sound advances the story or is treated in interesting ways.
This time: don’t fear the darkness. Dostoevsky’s Underground Man on the pleasure of performative pain. Sonically driven moments of horror by Anna Kavan and Edgar Allan Poe. […]

Special guest Adrian Avendaño, presents a homage to the pioneering work of Xavier Bellenger (bio) music ethnographer, soundscape recorderist and founder the GREM (Group for Research and Study of Music) label.

Jean Michel Jarre – Revolution and Revolutions Update (excerpts)
Ashaninka – La nuit: the night, near a lagoon invaded by amphibians, an Ashaninka plays a whistle on a […]