imageWe awoke in a field with the sun overhead.

imageWe distanced ourselves from the church but slept under its protection.

imageWhile asking for directions to the Lady Slipper Cottages on Memory Lane at the Lady Slipper Villa Seniors Home, recollections varied.

imageFrom this vantage point, one may view a dazzling display of dragon flies, hunting mosquitoes.

From here you could see, a man encouragingly practicing baseball early Sunday morning with a boy, we didn’t see them either but heard them from our tent behind the dugout.

Laying here in the night, the flashlights of two young men scanning the field couldn’t see us.

IMG_20140722_095437We slept in a ditch, this photo makes it seem worth it.

IMG_20140723_125728Outside this window, a woman sang all afternoon long, more than once I thought someone had left a Jannes Joplin record on. They say the islanders all sing well and it maybe true.