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Using Pauline Oliveros’ Don’t Call them “Lady” Composers as a guide and tracing the roots of the Moog synth heritage in electronic music in the late 60s, we discover some decidedly witchy vibes.
Track List

Jana Irmert – TH/is th/IS real – (Decoy Magazine, Subscription, March 2019)
Wendy Carlos – Air on the G String – Switched-On Bach (1968)
Jean Eichelberger Ivey – […]

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1. Delia Derbyshire, ‘Mattachin’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

2. Janet Cardiff, ‘The Missing Voice’, excerpt from Whitechapel Library audiowalk

3. Cheryl Leonard, ‘Polarnatt’, excerpt from performance at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival ’12

4. Sarah Peebles, ‘Resinous Fold 6 (for Trigona), Delicate Paths – music for […]