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Bringing the perspective of the Cultural Organizers, Helena’s first solo show listens in on the Chip Wilson – Rave Against the Renovictions protest. Featuring an in studio interview with Tasha Speck and recordings from the event both ambience and public addresses.
This podcast, features footage & voices of Chip Wilson, Rocco Trigueros, Jean Swanson, Cease Wyss, […]

David Mattatall’s, alter ego DJ Robert Downey Sr. performs a number of rapid fire sessions creating an ear popping show of hotties.

Track List:

Warm Wood – Ghengis Tron
Death Grips feat. Justice Yeldha – Death Grips Is Online
Ridylan – Silly M
Cassette Merchant – No Title
People Like U – Stifled Love
I, Cactu – Green Cactu
070 Shakes – Mirror

Brain Dance Practitioners: RiDylan (left) Hitori Tori (Right), Photo: Brady Marks
A deep dive into Brain Dance, a genre with various interpretations; IDM under another guise, dance music with syncopation, counterpoint or high BPM (~140) employed to move attention from the feet to the head, or soundings with FM (Frequency Modulation) or resonant timbral tangles to […]