Tag: Tonal

Cover Art: Princesito
Introducing ‘Isla 14’ the latest release of Vancouver based soundscape/ambient tonal abstract electro-acoustic composer/producer – Daniel Majer.
Isla 14 released on the Isla net label, is a delightful series of compositions exploring the places, moods and tonic soundscape of Majer’s Vancouver. The fluidity and swirling currents running through these comps, resonate with both the peace […]

Gilles Aubry, though not terribly prolific, has one of the more diverse musical portfolios of the last decade. Here we find him sometimes subtly, sometimes not, sampling and mixing recordings of Tomoko Sauvagé‘s porcelain bowls. While the structures of the pieces meander a bit too much for my taste (most notably on ‘Undercurrent’), the texture […]

Easily the most minimal album posted here to date. While perhaps not reaching Sugimoto or Sachiko levels of silence (there is, in fact, material (you guessed it, sines waves) playing consistently for the duration of the album), I nevertheless sincerely wish you luck on attempting to focus on the music alone for the full 1:19:42 […]