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1. John Baker, ‘Time And Tune’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Sharing a different, but also wonderful, Baker track here, stream the show for the above-listed track…

2. The International Nothing (…and something), ‘Lokale Gebrauche’, The Power of Negative Thinking
A live rendition…

3. Chris Abrahams, ‘1 Liter Cold Laptop’, Fluid to the Influence
Here, a very different, but […]

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1. Delia Derbyshire, ‘Mattachin’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

2. Janet Cardiff, ‘The Missing Voice’, excerpt from Whitechapel Library audiowalk

3. Cheryl Leonard, ‘Polarnatt’, excerpt from performance at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival ’12

4. Sarah Peebles, ‘Resinous Fold 6 (for Trigona), Delicate Paths – music for […]

There was some sort of cohesive methodology behind the selection of works for tonight’s show, though I can’t really figure out what it was. Call it intuition.
Some of these notes have run into mini-review length, apologies for a lack of brevity…
1 – The Dadacomputer – ‘Missile Logic T’ – The Dadacomputer – United Kingdom, 1981
2 […]

As I spend this portion of the year away from home, these posts will be sporadic at best for the next few months. The first album sent to you from (very technically) overseas is this rather mysterious tape by Hands To, better known as Jeph Jerman. Jeph is a prolific artist, and has been for […]

Kimihide Kusafuka is perhaps best known as a member of the mid-1980s Japanese electro/industrial band Techno Menses, but he had a prolific solo career as well. This release, from 1984 on DD. Records, is full of arpeggiated synth lines, moody drum machine rhythms, noisy drones and a few minimal but symphonic masterpieces (the last 10 […]