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When confronted with the prospect of putting my thoughts of these recent recordings by a.pe.ri.od.ic of Jürg Frey’s work I was at first hesitant. Though possessing some familiarity with the output of Wandelweiser and a knowledge of the praxis of contemporary composition quickly outpaced by my curiosity towards the same, there was a sense that […]

It was not without some excitement that I found Francisco Meirino’s newest solo album on Misanthropic Agenda, the home of several of his previous collaborative works. Something has long set Meirino apart from a host of other artists with similarly demanding and prolific output. Always the audio polyglot, this album fully displays his revocation of auditory puritanism. […]

For reviews of the (both respectable and enjoyable) music on each of these releases, I would encourage the reader to head to either Just Outside or Fluid Radio. That said, I should mention that Diatribes’s Augustus in particular comes with the recommendations of Cut And Run. In the interim, read on for some discussions on […]

While I’ve been familiar with Nicolas Bernier‘s work for many years, I only recently stumbled across Bold – a project on which he collaborates with Montréal and Québec City based artists Alexis Bellavance and Érick d’Orion. I can thank Francisco Meirino’s cameo on the B-side for that, as my respect for his work was enough […]

Among an extensive range of approaches to field recording  both by Jason Kahn and in the material on this release’s label, Winds Measure Recordings, we are here offered a narrative proxy. Jason Kahn describes in English his experience in two separate and rather disparate locales in Japan. The observations are both mundane and insightful and […]