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photo credit: Allison Collins
Western Front artist-in-residence Elisa Ferrari and sound artist Brady Marks discuss Elisa project lilithlithlithlithlith which explores electromagnetic power structures literally and figuratively through the selected tracks.
Track Listing

Christina Kubisch – Cloud, 2011-2014
Elisa Ferrari – Site C protest & underground substation field recordings, 7 november 2017
Joyce Hinterding – Encounter with the Halo Field, 2009
Joyce Hinterding – Ultramix, 2016
Peter […]

Sound Artist and Educator, Alanna Ho is dreaming. Well maybe, maybe ‘Missy’ an alter ego of Alanna’s is dreaming. Together they narrate, analyse and skip between dream space and magnetic tape. The result is captivating, cryptic and vernacular all at once.
Track Listing:

Missy – Alanna Ho
Dream Critique #1 – Alanna Ho
Dream Critique #2 – Alanna Ho
Dream Critique #3 – […]

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1. Delia Derbyshire, ‘Mattachin’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

2. Janet Cardiff, ‘The Missing Voice’, excerpt from Whitechapel Library audiowalk

3. Cheryl Leonard, ‘Polarnatt’, excerpt from performance at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival ’12

4. Sarah Peebles, ‘Resinous Fold 6 (for Trigona), Delicate Paths – music for […]

Christina Kubisch
The 2nd a series of shows, following the artists represented in the 2005 Forma Arts, Her Noise show, the catalogue to which I had recently picked up.
Christina Kubisch is often sited as a member of the “1st wave of Sound Artist”, and indeed I first encountered her work in the excellent Sound By Artists […]

The deadline for the CiTR’s “24 Hours of Radio Art”  submissions deadline is Sunday, January 16th 2013.