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1 – Lino Capra Vaccina – ‘Antico Adagio’ – Antico Adagio – Italy, 1978
Only recently brought to my attention because of its reissue on Die Schachtel (that is often the way), this album certainly flirts with New Age intonation, but the grace of its more Serialist elements save it from sounding too saccharine.
2 – Nick Hennies […]

Tonight’s show involves playing several excerpts, a habit I normally try to avoid. I would expect that our listeners, provided sufficient interest in the sample of a work, can find the means to hear the complete recording rather easily. The fact that our podcast is ripped from the online stream instead of from the board (a […]

From the notes:
‘Designed to be played in shuffle mode, this new selection of fragments offers an indeterminate counter-narrative to the previously published (on Kirschner’s official site) version of “October 19, 2006“.’
The (I assume) piano used as a sound source is treated to constructively and destructively interfering processes, leaving simple harmonic beds behind. Played as intended, […]

Followers of Soundscape or Cut And Run will know that Senufo Editions receives a fair amount of attention here, and I would argue not unduly. While released earlier this year, this album by Luciano Maggiore in particular seems to have unfortunately fallen through the cracks.
Comprised largely of analogue synthesis, it begins rather minimally; with panning […]

Where to begin… Alessandro Bosetti‘s music for the last decade has documented the de- and re-contextualization of the human voice through a variety of means. Il Fiore Della Bocca achieved this through the natural alterations of ‘normal’ speech exhibited by the voices of individuals with speech impediments, such as stuttering and phonetic disorders. Africanfeedback did […]