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For reviews of the (both respectable and enjoyable) music on each of these releases, I would encourage the reader to head to either Just Outside or Fluid Radio. That said, I should mention that Diatribes’s Augustus in particular comes with the recommendations of Cut And Run. In the interim, read on for some discussions on […]

I figured Seth Nehil’s latest was a safe bet to purchase sound unheard – his work rarely disappoints. Lair follows the path set out in Knives, his last full-length released 3 years past. Its press proclaims it to be a darker and noisier take on a similar palette of heavily studio-edited acoustic and electronic sources: […]

Constellation Tatsu has had a busy year; but among a number of interesting works, this split C30 cassette by Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Quinn Walker stands out.
Starting off with a somewhat standard drone on ‘Inner Structure’, the album quickly gains a hazy patina, with static and surface noises gaining the foreground over slowly evolving harmonies. […]