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Or: “Why I Keep Buying Idea Fire Company Records”
As many of you are not aware, Idea Fire Company (IFCO) has a new record. Or so the story goes, as IFCO appears to be the most notoriously obscure band to make regular appearances across a host of experimental music media in the United States and abroad. It […]

[ 12 July , 2013 18:00 to 13 July , 2013 23:00. ]
Tin Can Studio on Keefer just west of Main
July 12 at 6:00 PM until July 13 at 11:00 PM
Tin Can Studio is proud to present FIELD RECORDINGS our third artist project as part of our summer residency series at the Chinatown Night Market.
For his residency with Tin Can Studio, Katsiris put out a call to local phonographers to be involved […]

In addition to the recent success of our new frequency, we are preparing for our annual Fall Member Drive. Join us from October 12 – 26. Support your favourite show (ie. Soundscape) and call in to receive on-air giveaways.
Our programmers will take pledges and donations at 604.684.8494 or you can donate by clicking here or by going to […]