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In light of my discovery of this album, and its airing on Soundscape on February 5, 2014: I present Krauze‘s excellent and under-appreciated work for Lost & Found.
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I’ve followed Piotrowicz’s work since first hearing ‘Clinamen 3’, his contribution to a split with Carl Michael von Hausswolff on Bocian Records. After perusing much of his oeuvre since, I’ve found that the slow but consistent dynamism of that particular work stands above the rest. When Snakeboy Is Dying, then, is to me something of […]

Constellation Tatsu has had a busy year; but among a number of interesting works, this split C30 cassette by Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Quinn Walker stands out.
Starting off with a somewhat standard drone on ‘Inner Structure’, the album quickly gains a hazy patina, with static and surface noises gaining the foreground over slowly evolving harmonies. […]