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A smattering of modern classical and composition dating from 1976 America on Max Schubel’s Opus One label.
The record opens with a version of Alice Shields’ excellent Wildcat Songs. Composed in 1966, it features piccolo and soprano, and while its vocal elements tend towards the operatic, think less Verdi and more Domenico Guaccero as an apt comparison […]

Or: “Why I Keep Buying Idea Fire Company Records”
As many of you are not aware, Idea Fire Company (IFCO) has a new record. Or so the story goes, as IFCO appears to be the most notoriously obscure band to make regular appearances across a host of experimental music media in the United States and abroad. It […]

In light of my discovery of this album, and its airing on Soundscape on February 5, 2014: I present Krauze‘s excellent and under-appreciated work for Lost & Found.
Get it here.

From the notes:
‘Designed to be played in shuffle mode, this new selection of fragments offers an indeterminate counter-narrative to the previously published (on Kirschner’s official site) version of “October 19, 2006“.’
The (I assume) piano used as a sound source is treated to constructively and destructively interfering processes, leaving simple harmonic beds behind. Played as intended, […]

We could talk Edition Wandelweiser, or Taku Sugimoto . . . but what would we really learn?
So instead, let’s talk quantum mechanics (bear with me a moment). At a small enough scale (around the Planck length – a distance small enough that it is understood only theoretically) the Heisenberg uncertainty principle allows energy to very […]