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Most of us familiar with Jeph Jerman likely associate him with the scrapings and scratchings of found objects he used with great prolificacy over the last decade and half. More senior fans may be most familiar with his low fidelity field recording work in the 1980s and ’90s as Hands To. I for one, have […]


Continuing on where Continuo left off, we have this offering from Jacques Lasry. Though credited mainly to Lasry, as with much of his work, Teddy Lasry alongside Bernard and François Baschet all feature prominently – the former performing several of the pieces, the latter duo engineering the works.
Ignore the horrendously tacky cover (see below) and instead appreciate a […]

There’s a foot of snow outside, my turntable has a new motor and I’m seasonally unemployed – that must mean it’s time for some archiving.
There isn’t much information around on Christopher Tree, who also performed under the name Spontaneous Sound. Regardless of one’s opinion on late-20th-century appropriation of a dog’s breakfast of ‘eastern mysticism’, Christopher […]

One from the newest batch released on Senufo Editions this autumn is Enrico Malatesta‘s Aliossi – its review here only adding evidence to the suspicion that I listen exclusively to Italian electroacoustic music (occasionally true). In some ways, Aliossi typifies the label’s content, hovering around that bizarre counterpoint of drone and pointillism. The vibrating snare or plate of the […]

[ 9 March , 2013; 20:00 to 22:00. ]
Saturday, March 9, 2013 | 8PM
Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour Street, 2nd level)
Mantra Percussion (NY)
Michael Gordon • Timber
Don’t miss Michael Gordon’s Timber, a unique work co-commissioned and performed by New York-based ensemble Mantra Percussion. A complex piece for six percussion players, Timber is scored for a “simantra” – six wooden two-by-four boards cut to different lengths.  Gordon’s intricate […]