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One of your contributors has a new release on Wasted Capital Since 2013.
“….stark”, not recommended for listening.

1. Operate The System On A Country
2. Agency
3. Aftward
4. Second Tailings
No-Input Amplifier [1]
Fields [2]
No-Input DAW [2-4]
WC14 [‘Wasted Capital Since 2013‘]
8cm CDr edition of 50, 2018

Carl Michael von Hausswolff was once referred to by The Sound Projector as “a unique creator whose minimalistic results often belie a complex and labour-intensive working method” – as appropriate a summary of his work as any I’ve read. His most recent release is published on Touch, and is no exception to the rule. We […]

Today we’re listening to …until…, Perth guitarist Jameson Feakes‘ debut solo release on Tone List. Both the artist and the label are new to me and to Cut And Run, so I approached the music with something of a blank slate – a refreshing change from the (enjoyable) weight of familiarity and expectation of the last review of […]

[ 20 January , 2017; 21:00 to 23:00. ]

Quiet City is a series of deep-listening concerts in Vancouver, focused on live performances of experimental, electronic and improvised music in a comfortable and intimate setting. Established in January 2010, we are now entering our eighth year of programming.

The thirty-first edition of this series will be featuring performances by:
⊚ Brandon Nickell (San Francisco)
⊚ Cameron Shafii […]

A smattering of modern classical and composition dating from 1976 America on Max Schubel’s Opus One label.
The record opens with a version of Alice Shields’ excellent Wildcat Songs. Composed in 1966, it features piccolo and soprano, and while its vocal elements tend towards the operatic, think less Verdi and more Domenico Guaccero as an apt comparison […]