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Something calm for the dog days of summer.
1 – Chiyoko Szlavnics – ‘Constellations II’ – Canada, 2011
A piece from published on Musicworks #119 we are using here as a precursor for her first proper album, Gradients Of Detail, which will be receiving some attention here later this month.
2 – Pierre Gerard – ‘Architect Ξ, The Distance […]

More notes to follow soon…
1 – David Chapman – ‘An East Wind Through Bomb Ballistics And Lab 2 – Orford Ness’ – Somewhere On The Edge – United Kingdom, 2012
One does not so much appreciate the nuances of an 11 hour compilation with contributions by 55 different artists as one hacks and slashes through the […]

A long out-of-print double 3″ CDr release on Bremsstrahlung from 2003. The longest of Tsunoda’s trio of works is from his more classical microscopic field recording era – minutely focused and delicate. The other two shorter pieces sound more contemporary, and play on his particular brand of extended microphone and recording techniques. I’m never sure if […]

Seems like Lost & Found could live exclusively on re-upping albums lost to the disappearance of net-labels and online archives. Biostatics was originally released for free download on TRRANS>PARENT RADIATION through Bremsstrahlung. We have previously played work from this album on the episode Liminal Minimal, and you can head there for a few links to interviews with […]