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In light of the nigh uncontrollable lengthening of my reviews, I’ll be sporadically posting more succinct takes as well (as were formerly posted within Soundscape show notes). I know – sacrilege. Items, old or new, that haven’t left rotation for at least a couple of weeks. First up:
Common Purpose by M.Rav
There is nothing flashy or […]

Enrico Coniglio’s most recent release is a result of his trip to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in 2016. Departing from the layered and sequentially arranged fields of much of his work (Astrùra and Solèra are both prime examples of that method), Aʻā is instead comprised of two rather short field recordings. While the dynamics and content of […]

// This week Soundscape featured the upcoming festival Tidal ~ Signal //

A new festival of exploratory music and sound, Tidal ~ Signal aims to highlight women, transgender, genderqueer and intergender artists working in left-field genres.  The inaugural Tidal ~ Signal will feature an array of musics, encompassing noise, ambient, electronic, drone, experimental techno, improvised, sound […]

Apologies as the station seems to be having technical issues with our archives, so the podcast is (hopefully only) temporarily unavailable.
1 – Matt Krefting – ‘Tiger’s Owl’ – Lymph Est – United States, 2014
Music that will make you feel like the curled up cat adorning the album’s cover.
2 – Ala Vjiior – Untitled – Detours […]

Soundscape / Cut And Run resident vehscle (Brian Beaudry) has recently released a split CD with United Kingdom native Simon Wilson, here appearing as The Phosphenes. The latter’s contribution is a lo-fidelity tape affair swirling in and out of recognition, while the former’s is a slow arc of field recordings and analogue electronics. The release […]