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Another DD. Records release, by a group including the aforementioned Kimihide Kusafuka. Here joined (I assume from the group’s later lineup, there is next to no information on the cassette itself) by Tomoya Sakashita and Kazuhiko Sakashita. Generally anthemic electro, there are a couple of breaks into new-wave: the final track has a guitar riff […]

Kimihide Kusafuka is perhaps best known as a member of the mid-1980s Japanese electro/industrial band Techno Menses, but he had a prolific solo career as well. This release, from 1984 on DD. Records, is full of arpeggiated synth lines, moody drum machine rhythms, noisy drones and a few minimal but symphonic masterpieces (the last 10 […]

Tonight’s show: Marginal Music During Japan’s Bubble Economy, 1982-1994.
Featuring the world’s most exciting graphics, guest George Rahi, and a bunch of cassettes. The show’s arc begins prior to Japan’s real estate and asset boom, with contemporary classical pieces that are generally strongly influenced by Western music. By the mid 80s, a new optimism has grasped […]