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I’m sure most of our readers don’t need a history lesson on Yoshi Wada, or the contemporaneous music of his era. Nor should we necessarily review the influences and experiences of Fluxus or Hinduism: as interesting as the conflicts and confluences of the two practices are, that dichotomy has been well-mined for meaning in relation […]

Another DD. Records release from my collection, and a fair departure from the last two posted here (by Kimihide Kusafuka and his alias, Techno Menses). Instead of the arpeggiated synth lines and rhythmic machines put forth by Kusafuka, the listener is treated to rich, doom-laden atmospheres of indeterminate origin. At times utilizing fields, at others […]

None at all.
1 – Tashi Wada / Marc Sabat – Untitled – Gradient – Canada & United States, 2012
Composed by Tashi Wada, son of Yoshi Wada, played by Marc Sabat – no more need be said.

2 – Coppice – ‘The Purchase’ – The Pleasance & The Purchase – United States, 2012
An amazing duo (Noé Cuéllar […]

[ 7 September , 2012; 19:00 to 23:00. ]

8 Sept 2012 – 3 Nov 2012
TRANSLATION SERVICES, Curated by Hyung-Min Yoon

Part 1: Sept 8 – 22, Ryu Hankil, Description for Other Things
7:00pm, Sept 7 – Talk & Performance (Swarm)

221A Artist Run Centre
100-221 E Georgia St

Ryu Hankil, artist and musician, founded The Manual Publishing, an organization that hosts improvisational sound performance and experimental collaborative […]

Tonight’s show features a review of recent live music events in Vancouver, and previews of artists soon to peform in the city (Patrick Wolf not included).
1 – ON [Sylvain Chauveau, Steven Hess, Pierre-Yves Macé] – ‘I’ – Second Souffle – France & United States, 2007
Sylvain Chauveau will be joined by Joseph Hirabayashi for a performance […]