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1. Michael Trommer, ‘The Night Paddler’, Night Swimmer

2. Rhodri Davies, ‘soaked ruins of a raft’, An Air Swept Clean of All Distance

3. Toshimaru Nakamura, ‘Yura’, Egrets

4. Espen Reinertsen, ‘Tilpasninger hos prestekrage’, Forgaflingspop
Sharing here a different track of the album, stream the show for the above-listed […]

Tonights show we feature an artist spotlight on Tim Olive and his label 845 Audio.
Olive has been releasing music since the early 90’s but around the beginnings of 2000 he began working under his own name.  Working primarily with a single string guitar, pick-ups and analogue electronics Tim Olive has been creating dynamic improvised music.
In 2012 […]

Among an extensive range of approaches to field recording  both by Jason Kahn and in the material on this release’s label, Winds Measure Recordings, we are here offered a narrative proxy. Jason Kahn describes in English his experience in two separate and rather disparate locales in Japan. The observations are both mundane and insightful and […]

A long out-of-print double 3″ CDr release on Bremsstrahlung from 2003. The longest of Tsunoda’s trio of works is from his more classical microscopic field recording era – minutely focused and delicate. The other two shorter pieces sound more contemporary, and play on his particular brand of extended microphone and recording techniques. I’m never sure if […]

Gilles Aubry, though not terribly prolific, has one of the more diverse musical portfolios of the last decade. Here we find him sometimes subtly, sometimes not, sampling and mixing recordings of Tomoko Sauvagé‘s porcelain bowls. While the structures of the pieces meander a bit too much for my taste (most notably on ‘Undercurrent’), the texture […]