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An interesting feature on Nicolas Ratti‘s new release on Senufo, Streengs, appears over at Fieldsaw, including a brief interview, visuals and samples. An excerpt:
‘The thing I was interested in more was the “live approach” and the improvisation; it was quite important to also record the ambient sound and the room itself. During those days I […]

No, this is not a re-post of The Fall of Chrome, but rather a unique recording in the series of that release. Confusing? Head to the previous post for more information.
This version’s seams run closer to the surface than the last, with more definitive boundaries (at least to my ears) between the original dub and […]

Tonight’s show features a review of recent live music events in Vancouver, and previews of artists soon to peform in the city (Patrick Wolf not included).
1 – ON [Sylvain Chauveau, Steven Hess, Pierre-Yves Macé] – ‘I’ – Second Souffle – France & United States, 2007
Sylvain Chauveau will be joined by Joseph Hirabayashi for a performance […]

Since a good portion of this cassette has already been posted indirectly through one of our shows, and it has further been out of print for some time, I thought I would post the full release here. Stay tuned, as I have another (unique) copy on its way by air, land and/or sea. Should be […]

A brief post for this one, as its production was slightly rushed, and I am having trouble concentrating. I am typing this during the show, and it appears that the equipment in the control room has gained sentience, realized humans are ruining the planet and is single-handedly attempting to save us all by performing experiments […]