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Seems like Lost & Found could live exclusively on re-upping albums lost to the disappearance of net-labels and online archives. Biostatics was originally released for free download on TRRANS>PARENT RADIATION through Bremsstrahlung. We have previously played work from this album on the episode Liminal Minimal, and you can head there for a few links to interviews with […]

Perhaps Mario Monti’s time has come and gone, but the news that Silvio Berlusconi is considering running for the Prime Ministership of Italy is a depressing, if unsurprising, twist to the story. In an effort to renew our collective faith the culture of a modern Italy, and after realizing that I spent much of the […]

Followers of Soundscape or Cut And Run will know that Senufo Editions receives a fair amount of attention here, and I would argue not unduly. While released earlier this year, this album by Luciano Maggiore in particular seems to have unfortunately fallen through the cracks.
Comprised largely of analogue synthesis, it begins rather minimally; with panning […]

Where to begin… Alessandro Bosetti‘s music for the last decade has documented the de- and re-contextualization of the human voice through a variety of means. Il Fiore Della Bocca achieved this through the natural alterations of ‘normal’ speech exhibited by the voices of individuals with speech impediments, such as stuttering and phonetic disorders. Africanfeedback did […]

From the label:
“Aggressive loop music based on sounds from photographic equipment and african field recordings. Besides being an early-Reich cheap imitation, ‘lagodelnulla’ is an Italian expression (roughly translated as ‘lakeofnothingness’) found in an old Banda-Ngao lullaby (Central Africa, early ’60s). An ‘objet trouvé’ elevated as social commentary by the author. Volume encouraged.”
Alessandro Brivio’s seminal release, […]