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Mount Fog is the name of a trio of artists involved in a variety of media, including photography, graphic design, installation, and sound art: Nicola Domaneschi, Erich Grunewald, and Marco Verdi. We Are Nothing is their first audio publication, and also presented as the first release on the brand-new label Hustle Productions. It is a testament to the continued […]

From Senufo Editions:
“Composed in 2012 as a closed archive of sounds and actions to be recombined in different forms and then presented on various occasions during the first half of 2013. The version for this cd is the almost exact replica of the one diffused during a concert in Nantes, Cable festival, May 2013.

The micro-sampled/close-microphoned […]

One from the newest batch released on Senufo Editions this autumn is Enrico Malatesta‘s Aliossi – its review here only adding evidence to the suspicion that I listen exclusively to Italian electroacoustic music (occasionally true). In some ways, Aliossi typifies the label’s content, hovering around that bizarre counterpoint of drone and pointillism. The vibrating snare or plate of the […]

The newest release by one of the hosts of Soundscape on ((Cave)) Recordings:
“Brian Beaudry (vehscle) and Gianluca Favaron (ab’she, zbeen, under the snow) exchange field recordings and electronics to create a dialogue of texture and sonority, incident and improvisation. ((Cave-25))”
Available at ((Cave)) Recordings or direct from the artist on Discogs.
Recently reviewed at Tabs Out.

Renato Rinaldi‘s All ‘Esedra consists of the artist’s recording of his installation at the Villa Manin Exedra. The methodology is straightforward enough, with 34 sound-producing units placed throughout the space, some of which vary their phase and amplitude with the passing of an audience member. The recording itself is simply one potential path through that space.
Much has been […]