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1 – Coppice – So Lobes Drape As Such Gills Over A Hanger’s Pit’ – Vantage/Cordoned – United States, 2014
You can find a full review(and samples) here at Cut And Run.

2 – Ilitch – ‘Elle Voulait Que Je Sois Drole’ – 10 Suicides – France, 1980
One of those songs that absolutely reeks of archetypal nostalgia the […]

One of the two most recent releases on caduc.; the other being A Concert For Charles Cross, which you can find a review of here as well.
Coppice’s work has evolved through several variously distinctive eras since the duo’s inception in 2009. Early works, like Holes/Tract focused on defining the sonic and textural building blocks of […]

For reviews of the (both respectable and enjoyable) music on each of these releases, I would encourage the reader to head to either Just Outside or Fluid Radio. That said, I should mention that Diatribes’s Augustus in particular comes with the recommendations of Cut And Run. In the interim, read on for some discussions on […]

Subjugated to a slowly growing variety of increasingly nefarious bugs and glitches, my laptop more or less gave up this ghost this morning. Having learned about redundancy the hard way (several times), the loss is thankfully limited to the finances of a replacement. However. this event also left me without my normal means of preparing […]

[ 16 October , 2013; 20:00 to 23:00. ]

Wednesday, October 16; 8 PM
Works for Small Ensemble and Solos
Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour Street, 2nd floor)
Tickets $35 regular/$15 students and seniors (taxes and venue surcharges included)

With works by Paul Dolden (Resonance #1), Jacques Hètu (Sonate Pour Piano op.35), Jacqueline Leggatt
(Cold Trip), Jocelyn Morlock (Icarus Landing), Michael O’Neill (Stabimobilism), and James Rolfe (Railway
Street). The performance will feature Lori Freedman […]