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Apologies as the station seems to be having technical issues with our archives, so the podcast is (hopefully only) temporarily unavailable.
1 – Matt Krefting – ‘Tiger’s Owl’ – Lymph Est – United States, 2014
Music that will make you feel like the curled up cat adorning the album’s cover.
2 – Ala Vjiior – Untitled – Detours […]

1 – Coppice – So Lobes Drape As Such Gills Over A Hanger’s Pit’ – Vantage/Cordoned – United States, 2014
You can find a full review(and samples) here at Cut And Run.

2 – Ilitch – ‘Elle Voulait Que Je Sois Drole’ – 10 Suicides – France, 1980
One of those songs that absolutely reeks of archetypal nostalgia the […]

Lacking the connections, knowledge, education and intellect of Mathieu, Brady and Alex, I am relegated to relying only on my enormous collection and impeccable taste. What follows fills in the holes in that collection, to be played on our show which slips through the gaps left in popular radio broadcasts.
Not much time for notes this […]

This evening’s theme is rather self-explanatory, and reproduced across a variety of cultures and eras. Further details to arrive soon.
1 – Paul Bowles – ‘Nights’ – Baptism Of Solitude – United States / Morocco, 1995
2 – Yuri Kalendarev – ‘Dream’ – Sound Sculptures – Russia, 1970s / 2007
One of a series of Die Schachtel’s releases […]

This compilation only recently found its way into my collection (on a side note, paying for an item on eBay to have it dropped through a window at the front of your house 2 hours later is an experience which somewhat happily breaks the fourth wall of the internet marketplace). Having varying degrees of familiarity […]