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Part One – On Framing
What makes a field recording worth listening to? This question is asked more of the auditory practice than its visual cousin, photography. Similarities between the two abound – site selection and the artist’s/audience’s relation to it, aesthetic qualities, questions of perspective and framing, whether or not the document should/can be edited […]


Continuing on where Continuo left off, we have this offering from Jacques Lasry. Though credited mainly to Lasry, as with much of his work, Teddy Lasry alongside Bernard and François Baschet all feature prominently – the former performing several of the pieces, the latter duo engineering the works.
Ignore the horrendously tacky cover (see below) and instead appreciate a […]

A pair of live solo performances and a duo recording on Musica Excentrica by Philip Samartzis and CD-R (also known as Nikita Golyshev, the label’s owner). Samartzis is in slightly more minimal and digital mode than usual here and largely eschews (at least obvious) field recordings: perhaps for the best given Golyshev’s often busily swirling […]

Gilles Aubry, though not terribly prolific, has one of the more diverse musical portfolios of the last decade. Here we find him sometimes subtly, sometimes not, sampling and mixing recordings of Tomoko Sauvagé‘s porcelain bowls. While the structures of the pieces meander a bit too much for my taste (most notably on ‘Undercurrent’), the texture […]

We could talk Edition Wandelweiser, or Taku Sugimoto . . . but what would we really learn?
So instead, let’s talk quantum mechanics (bear with me a moment). At a small enough scale (around the Planck length – a distance small enough that it is understood only theoretically) the Heisenberg uncertainty principle allows energy to very […]