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A rather difficult to find 7″ by the Algerian composer of Chaabi and pianist Mustapha Skandrani likely from the early 1960s.
‘Salam El Habib’ starts as a rather upbeat song, sounding like a not-too-distant cousin of flamenco, but manages to shift tempo three times. The interlude midway through the piece is what really caught my ear. Here Skandrani’s […]

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1. Michael Trommer, ‘The Night Paddler’, Night Swimmer

2. Rhodri Davies, ‘soaked ruins of a raft’, An Air Swept Clean of All Distance

3. Toshimaru Nakamura, ‘Yura’, Egrets

4. Espen Reinertsen, ‘Tilpasninger hos prestekrage’, Forgaflingspop
Sharing here a different track of the album, stream the show for the above-listed […]

[ 14 February , 2015; 20:00; ]
Easterween and Niagra
Feb 14, 2015 @ 8pm

Western Front
303 8 AVE E, Vancouver, BC
V5T 1S1
Advance $15/10; Door $20/15 BUY TICKETS

As a lead up to the VOICE OVER mind Festival, UK/Toronto’s John Southworth and Andrew Downing lament the never-ending winter with the surreal cabaret song cycle of Easterween. Southworth’s genre-defying balladry meets up with Downing’s Klezmer-Stravinskyesque arrangements yet again […]

[ 15 November , 2014; 20:00 to 23:00. ]


Neo Nativism versus New Music
Nov 15, 2014 @ 8:00pm

Advance $15 / $10
Door $20 / $12

In 1989, a group of young Aboriginal artists took the floor at the Western Front for an influential multi-media performance entitledNeo Nativism, an expression of traditional Aboriginal culture through new technology. Fall 2014 marks its 25th anniversary and to celebrate Russell Wallace, one […]

This evening’s theme is rather self-explanatory, and reproduced across a variety of cultures and eras. Further details to arrive soon.
1 – Paul Bowles – ‘Nights’ – Baptism Of Solitude – United States / Morocco, 1995
2 – Yuri Kalendarev – ‘Dream’ – Sound Sculptures – Russia, 1970s / 2007
One of a series of Die Schachtel’s releases […]