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Using Pauline Oliveros’ Don’t Call them “Lady” Composers as a guide and tracing the roots of the Moog synth heritage in electronic music in the late 60s, we discover some decidedly witchy vibes.
Track List

Jana Irmert – TH/is th/IS real – (Decoy Magazine, Subscription, March 2019)
Wendy Carlos – Air on the G String – Switched-On Bach (1968)
Jean Eichelberger Ivey – […]

One of your contributors has a new release on Wasted Capital Since 2013.
“….stark”, not recommended for listening.

1. Operate The System On A Country
2. Agency
3. Aftward
4. Second Tailings
No-Input Amplifier [1]
Fields [2]
No-Input DAW [2-4]
WC14 [‘Wasted Capital Since 2013‘]
8cm CDr edition of 50, 2018

Carl Michael von Hausswolff was once referred to by The Sound Projector as “a unique creator whose minimalistic results often belie a complex and labour-intensive working method” – as appropriate a summary of his work as any I’ve read. His most recent release is published on Touch, and is no exception to the rule. We […]

Coppice has long fascinated me. Their work is typically polished without sounding stuffy or aloof and subtly complex without indulgence or excess. So it is obviously with some interest that I approach what can be characterized as the duo’s mid-career pivot. Preamble to Newly Cemented Dedication to Freedom is, in addition to being a mouthful, a self-declared departure […]

[ 9 March , 2017; 20:00 to 23:30. ]

Mar 9, 2017 @ 8pm


Advance Tickets: $11/16 + gst 
Door: $15/20

Vocalist and ethnomusicologist Julia Ulehla performs a new work for solo voice and soundscapes generated by guitarist Aram Bajakian. Sonic Ecosystems conjures ancestors and miscellanea, fusing together elements of traditional and ritual song with story to uncover fragments of ritual action. Electro-folk composer Bill Young commandeers […]