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Australian field recording artist Jay-Dea Lopez‘s recent release on Galaverna, AC, is a study of the relationship between domestic and distant or exotic spaces in the practice of field recording. In addition to field recordings themselves, he uses sounds of the electricity (or alternating current) that symbolically and physically connects both those spaces to one another and […]

From Senufo Editions:
“Composed in 2012 as a closed archive of sounds and actions to be recombined in different forms and then presented on various occasions during the first half of 2013. The version for this cd is the almost exact replica of the one diffused during a concert in Nantes, Cable festival, May 2013.

The micro-sampled/close-microphoned […]

1 – John Hudak and Miguel Angel Tolosa – ‘Garten’ – Garten – Spain / United States – 2014
2 – Anne-François Jacques – ‘No Load’ – Some Asperities – Canada, 2014
some asperities by Anne-F Jacques
3 – Corrado Altieri & Gianluca Favaron – ‘Nowhere’ – Decomposed Days – Italy, 2014
Decomposed Days by Corrado Altieri | Gianluca […]

The first release by Montréal’s Chris Strickland, issued on Cut And Run contributor Mathieu Ruhlmann’s imprint, caduc.. Being a friend of Mathieu’s, I’ve held a copy of this for some time now. I am writing only now partly out of deference to my potential bias (hoping a pause after its release would ease some of the self-induced […]

[ 29 October , 2014; 20:30 to 23:30. ]

The Fox presents a night of left field electronic music with:

HEATSICK ( PAN Records/ U.K)


Plus special collaborative sets by:

PLUSH THROW (D. Tiffany & Regular Fantasy)


BRIDGE & TUNNEL (Friendly Chemist & Daniel Rincon)

+ Deejay Richard Macfarlane of 1080 P

Wednesday, October 29th.
Doors: 8:30PM
Fox Cabaret.

$10 Advance tickets available online here:

and at Zulu and Red Cat Records.



Heatsick is […]