Tag: Contemporary Composition

[ 22 March , 2014; 20:00 to 23:00. ]

Sound Space Architecture: New commissions by
Vancouver New Music in unconventional venue
Vancouver New Music presents Sound Space Architecture on Saturday, March 22, 2014; 8 PM, in the striking atrium at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, at UBC’s Point Grey campus. The concert will feature the performance of four works with the premiere of two new VNM commissions by Howard Bashaw […]

Looking through some top ten (or hundred) lists of 2012 last month, two things struck me. First, the prevalence of introductions to the effect of ‘I find top ten lists trite, but here is mine.’ And second, we never had one here. I like lists. Long lists that require lots of inane shufflings of rank, […]

Given the qualities of this evening’s program, it is perhaps somewhat appropriate that all you would have heard is silence had you attempted to stream it live. While we have a hard copy of the show, it looks like the archives will be missing it, so we are looking into alternatives for hosting this particular […]