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Boxes full of new arrivals sitting it in the attic awaiting some attention, and a few unfinished reviews in the cage as well; none of which will be dealt with tonight. You can hear the former on next week’s show, and read the latter by this weekend. Tonight instead, some contemporary acoustics.
1 – William Duckworth – ‘Prelude […]

One of the two most recent releases on caduc.; the other being A Concert For Charles Cross, which you can find a review of here as well.
Coppice’s work has evolved through several variously distinctive eras since the duo’s inception in 2009. Early works, like Holes/Tract focused on defining the sonic and textural building blocks of […]

Finding a rare copy of Zygmunt Krauze’s incredible solo piano works late this afternoon was provocation enough to develop a tracklist around it.
1 – Streifenjunko – ‘Nærmest Null’ – Sval Torv – Norway, 2012
2 – The Dogmatics – ‘Eternity Is A Long Time’ – The Sacrifice For The Music Became Our Lifestyle – Australia / […]

For reviews of the (both respectable and enjoyable) music on each of these releases, I would encourage the reader to head to either Just Outside or Fluid Radio. That said, I should mention that Diatribes’s Augustus in particular comes with the recommendations of Cut And Run. In the interim, read on for some discussions on […]

Generally new music of interest to Soundscapees. Unapologetically little tying the show together beyond that – it is all I can do these days to simply stay up to date on new material. Whether that is due to the sheer volume of new releases of interest these days, or to my temporarily waning interest is […]