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Ben’s earworm in a 1952 ethnographic recording by Hugh Tracy, it kicks off his set of contemporary composition.

Listening to contemporary composition and avant garde or experimental works, I’ve noticed and coincidence of timbral representation, do you hear it in these works too?

Track Listing

Sean McCann – String Quartet with Ski Response – Music for Public Ensemble (2016)
Kenneth Newby, Flicker Generative Orchestra – Dance (for Mingus) – Kenneth Newby: Chambers (2017)
Sarah Davachi – Evensong – Gave In Rest (2018)
Sean McCann – Video Singing […]

1. John Baker, ‘Time And Tune’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Sharing a different, but also wonderful, Baker track here, stream the show for the above-listed track…

2. The International Nothing (…and something), ‘Lokale Gebrauche’, The Power of Negative Thinking
A live rendition…

3. Chris Abrahams, ‘1 Liter Cold Laptop’, Fluid to the Influence
Here, a very different, but […]

Another release to find its way onto the site with much delay, Catherine Lamb‘s Matter/Moving examines territory being confronted most notably these days by just a handful of labels, among them Edition Wandelwesier and the release’s own imprint, Winds Measure Recordings. While Manfred Werder’s 2005¹ reproduced unadulterated field recordings of the same site once on each […]

Tonight’s show involves playing several excerpts, a habit I normally try to avoid. I would expect that our listeners, provided sufficient interest in the sample of a work, can find the means to hear the complete recording rather easily. The fact that our podcast is ripped from the online stream instead of from the board (a […]