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Ben brings us the latest in contemporary composition, including Knotted Silk, by Toronto based composer Linda Catlin Smith. The show features a microtonal rendition of Amazing Grace composed and presented in memorial to the fabulous Ben Johnston, who passed 10 days ago.

Suspended sounds from elongated strings, Filmic Suspense, Minimal Techno Hovering in the Eternal Now, Tonically Unresovled Introductions & Brownian Beats.
Track List:

Ava – Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow
The Sunken Gamelan – John Luther Adams / Lilmaq
Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS (#4) – Pauline Oliveros
Introduction – Sean McCann / Music for Public Ensemble
Hebei Victory […]

Today we’re listening to Mike Majkowski’s Swimming In Light. Carrying ever further on with his explorations of rhythm and repetition, it makes an odd sort of sense that Entr’acte is the home for Majkowksi’s newest record, especially given its more recent history with everything from drum machines to dub.
Majkowksi has always been interested in treating […]

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1. Delia Derbyshire, ‘Mattachin’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

2. Janet Cardiff, ‘The Missing Voice’, excerpt from Whitechapel Library audiowalk

3. Cheryl Leonard, ‘Polarnatt’, excerpt from performance at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival ’12

4. Sarah Peebles, ‘Resinous Fold 6 (for Trigona), Delicate Paths – music for […]

1 – Lino Capra Vaccina – ‘Antico Adagio’ – Antico Adagio – Italy, 1978
Only recently brought to my attention because of its reissue on Die Schachtel (that is often the way), this album certainly flirts with New Age intonation, but the grace of its more Serialist elements save it from sounding too saccharine.
2 – Nick Hennies […]