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Brady C. spins locals in an all Vancouver Summer Special!

One of your contributors has a new release on Wasted Capital Since 2013.
“….stark”, not recommended for listening.

1. Operate The System On A Country
2. Agency
3. Aftward
4. Second Tailings
No-Input Amplifier [1]
Fields [2]
No-Input DAW [2-4]
WC14 [‘Wasted Capital Since 2013‘]
8cm CDr edition of 50, 2018

Cover Art: Princesito
Introducing ‘Isla 14’ the latest release of Vancouver based soundscape/ambient tonal abstract electro-acoustic composer/producer – Daniel Majer.
Isla 14 released on the Isla net label, is a delightful series of compositions exploring the places, moods and tonic soundscape of Majer’s Vancouver. The fluidity and swirling currents running through these comps, resonate with both the peace […]

// This week Soundscape featured the upcoming festival Tidal ~ Signal //

A new festival of exploratory music and sound, Tidal ~ Signal aims to highlight women, transgender, genderqueer and intergender artists working in left-field genres.  The inaugural Tidal ~ Signal will feature an array of musics, encompassing noise, ambient, electronic, drone, experimental techno, improvised, sound […]

1. John Baker, ‘Time And Tune’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Sharing a different, but also wonderful, Baker track here, stream the show for the above-listed track…

2. The International Nothing (…and something), ‘Lokale Gebrauche’, The Power of Negative Thinking
A live rendition…

3. Chris Abrahams, ‘1 Liter Cold Laptop’, Fluid to the Influence
Here, a very different, but […]