Tag: Audio Installation

A single-sided 7″ on the now defunct Little Enjoyer label documenting one of Joe Colley’s installations from his prolific mid-2000s era – Playback System (For Johnny Stewart). The notes on the insert say it all:
Cassettes of animal distress cries purchased from the vast catalog produced by the Johnny Stewart company are presented on a table […]

From Senufo Editions:
“Composed in 2012 as a closed archive of sounds and actions to be recombined in different forms and then presented on various occasions during the first half of 2013. The version for this cd is the almost exact replica of the one diffused during a concert in Nantes, Cable festival, May 2013.

The micro-sampled/close-microphoned […]

Tonight’s show involves playing several excerpts, a habit I normally try to avoid. I would expect that our listeners, provided sufficient interest in the sample of a work, can find the means to hear the┬ácomplete recording rather easily. The fact that our podcast is ripped from the online stream instead of from the board (a […]