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I generally refrain from posting material of recent issue (at least outside the format of the Soundscape show itself), but it appears this album is now sold out at the source, and any distributor I know of. Not surprising as it is an edition of only 100 cassettes and Stephen Cornford is rapidly gaining much-deserved […]

The latest installment in Greek/Spanish label Antifrost‘s Voice Tapes Series is Julien Ottavi‘s The Cremator Opera (V.01).
I was fortunate enough to attend ErstQuake 2 in New York back in 2005, which included a dramatic performance by Ottavi and Tomas Korber. Dramatic not in musical form, as Ottavi more or less completely dominated the short set […]

Unlike its by now well-distributed precursors, Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, the third edition does not yet seem to be widely available. Obviously you already have a copy in the mail on its way to you from Sahel Sounds as I type, but I figured I could save you the trouble […]