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One of your contributors has a new release on Wasted Capital Since 2013.
“….stark”, not recommended for listening.

1. Operate The System On A Country
2. Agency
3. Aftward
4. Second Tailings
No-Input Amplifier [1]
Fields [2]
No-Input DAW [2-4]
WC14 [‘Wasted Capital Since 2013‘]
8cm CDr edition of 50, 2018

Mount Fog is the name of a trio of artists involved in a variety of media, including photography, graphic design, installation, and sound art: Nicola Domaneschi, Erich Grunewald, and Marco Verdi. We Are Nothing is their first audio publication, and also presented as the first release on the brand-new label Hustle Productions. It is a testament to the continued […]

In light of the nigh uncontrollable lengthening of my reviews, I’ll be sporadically posting more succinct takes as well (as were formerly posted within Soundscape show notes). I know – sacrilege. Items, old or new, that haven’t left rotation for at least a couple of weeks. First up:
Common Purpose by M.Rav
There is nothing flashy or […]

Carl Michael von Hausswolff was once referred to by The Sound Projector as “a unique creator whose minimalistic results often belie a complex and labour-intensive working method” – as appropriate a summary of his work as any I’ve read. His most recent release is published on Touch, and is no exception to the rule. We […]

Part One – On Framing
What makes a field recording worth listening to? This question is asked more of the auditory practice than its visual cousin, photography. Similarities between the two abound – site selection and the artist’s/audience’s relation to it, aesthetic qualities, questions of perspective and framing, whether or not the document should/can be edited […]