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A single-sided 7″ on the now defunct Little Enjoyer label documenting one of Joe Colley’s installations from his prolific mid-2000s era – Playback System (For Johnny Stewart). The notes on the insert say it all:
Cassettes of animal distress cries purchased from the vast catalog produced by the Johnny Stewart company are presented on a table […]

1. John Baker, ‘Time And Tune’, Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Sharing a different, but also wonderful, Baker track here, stream the show for the above-listed track…

2. The International Nothing (…and something), ‘Lokale Gebrauche’, The Power of Negative Thinking
A live rendition…

3. Chris Abrahams, ‘1 Liter Cold Laptop’, Fluid to the Influence
Here, a very different, but […]

Welcome to my (all too brief) transitional period from the wilderness to some semblance of society. A Cut And Run edition of Soundscape, if ever there were one, brace yourself for some rhythms. Despite hints of danceability, all efforts have been made to include appropriate amounts of assonance, consonance and dissonance throughout the following selection:
1 […]

A long out-of-print double 3″ CDr release on Bremsstrahlung from 2003. The longest of Tsunoda’s trio of works is from his more classical microscopic field recording era – minutely focused and delicate. The other two shorter pieces sound more contemporary, and play on his particular brand of extended microphone and recording techniques. I’m never sure if […]

A pair of live solo performances and a duo recording on Musica Excentrica by Philip Samartzis and CD-R (also known as Nikita Golyshev, the label’s owner). Samartzis is in slightly more minimal and digital mode than usual here and largely eschews (at least obvious) field recordings: perhaps for the best given Golyshev’s often busily swirling […]