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To begin, it should be noted that this is not a review of the music itself, which would be rather unnecessary given this has already been released twice. First on LP in 1998 and again on CD in 2007; each with their own plethora of responses. For writing to that effect, I would direct you […]

Highlife, sure, but I challenge you to find a more danceable album from 1980s South Africa and environs. Fast bass lines, droning accordion chords, consistent  chanting choruses, punchy drums; it verges on straight funk. For some history on Puseletso Seema & Tau Ea Linare themselves, I encourage you to head over to Allmusic (otherwise, unfortunately, […]

An early 7″ by Pascal Comelade (who likely needs no introduction here), released on his own imprint, Parasite. As in much of his work, we are treated to a series of vignettes, not linked in style, instrumentation or tone, but simply by Comelade’s recognizable style. His work has always seemed perfectly suited to cinema – […]

I came across this recently, and enjoyed its voyages through proto-step-filtering enough to share it here. His later work has been sporadically reissued over the last decade (check Menstrual Recordings for one example), and features a more academic and acousmatic sound. There is one comb-filter-esque effect in particular that is invariably associated with that school […]

Another DD. Records release from my collection, and a fair departure from the last two posted here (by Kimihide Kusafuka and his alias, Techno Menses). Instead of the arpeggiated synth lines and rhythmic machines put forth by Kusafuka, the listener is treated to rich, doom-laden atmospheres of indeterminate origin. At times utilizing fields, at others […]